1. What age groups do you take on the course?

14-16 year olds 

2. What Qualifications do you offer and what do you cover?

We offer a Construction course Level 1 and Level 2. This course covers Floor and Wall Tiling, Bricklaying, Carpentry, Plastering and Painting and Decorating and other core units including Team Work skills and Improving own learning performance. 

3. What else do you offer on the course?

Our courses include Health and Safety Awareness and working as a team would do on site. This is expected in the construction industry and particularly when trades people are out on site as well as in a workshop. We teach and provide learners with employer’s expectations. Learners understanding, compliance and taking responsibility for themselves /others is critical to our delivery. 

4. Do you provide Maths and English training?

Most of our learner’s attend Maths and English lessons at their respective schools/academies. We do however work closely with YES (Youth Education Service) and can help to arrange tutoring sessions onsite if required and timetables allow this. 

5. Are the courses accredited? 

Our Construction courses are accredited by Ascentis. 

6. How do you know that you are meeting the construction industry’s standards?

As part of our internal and external audit we have an Internal Verifier and a visiting External Verifier. Both verifiers check all aspects of our delivery including observations, checking records and talking to staff and students. We also invest in continuous personal development and keep informed of the industry’s development in terms of best practice and health and safety in the construction world. 

7. Do you accept young people with disabilities? 

This will depend on the scale and scope of the disability and whether workshop tasks are suitable as the health and safety of our learners is always our priority. Many of the young people who attend RST have learning difficulties and other disorders including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia. Autism, ADHD etc.. The learning style is very practical and all learners are treated as part of the RST Team with extra help given where necessary. Please contact RST if you have any concerns or queries concerning this. 

8. What do you charge for your courses? 

Please contact us on 01179290337 for pricing

9. Are learners on role with Rocksteady Training?

Our learners are referred to us by Schools/Academies/Local Authorities and students are on role with these provisions. Students can not attend full time and the maximum a student can attend is 3 full sessions a week