our philosophy

We believe Rocksteady Training is a positive input to a student’s development especially if they struggle with the typical academic classroom environment. We pride ourselves on the level of emotional and practical support we offer our learners, ensuring each individual not only learns construction skills but also life, work and personal skills.  Many of our students are vulnerable young people, many who may be in care, have learning difficulties or behaviour issues.    Everything we do at Rocksteady Training is  heavily centred around mutual respect between Tutors and Learner 

Our workshop is a safe place for young people who struggle with the ‘normal’ school setting, who wish to work practically in a real construction environment. Theory is also taught around practical learning, leading to qualifications.  Due to our learners attending part time, we work timetables/curriculum around each individual and their commitments to personalise their learning plan. We also work closely with social services, local authorities, and youth offending teams in an effort to support our students as best we can. ​